37 Split Salon, UPI2 BOOKS
Diocletian’s Palace, Split, CRO, 2011
interactive public installation

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Ma'am you like to be observed? I like to be observed. The text on the monitor continued to be written. Recently me and my friend decided to sit on a street and make comments on the guys that were passing by. Just two options existed. I would make up with him or I wouldn't. I felt an unexplainable and somewhat perverse satisfaction. As like saying yeah I would make up with him or I wouldn't, that act of making decision or conclusion was already an accomplished fact. Like in these few seconds we have had power over them.

Do you like to be observed? Lady, lady with the black bag, I'm talking to you. Do you like to be observed? The text on the screen was still being written.

It was a Saturday morning. After visiting the Split fish market an old lady with a black bag stopped at a small art and architecture bookstore. she wanted to drop by some wiskas cat food for the bookstore owner, she had been saying something about how her cat doesn't like it. while she was trying to talk to the bookstore owner her attention was disrupted, Her gaze was taken by the monitor placed nearby, she secretly started to follow the text that was appearing on it, feeling as if she is lurking trough someones window. Lady, with the black bag I'm talking to you,the letters on the monitor were appearing. Ms. began a short spin around the room looking for a lady with a black bag, but at that moment she was the only woman with a black bag in the bookstore.

Sometimes I wish I could take the opportunity to look at me away from people, even though a glance is something you can't ban to anyone.
But there is something perverse and frightening in this gaze and in the power of human imagination. as if with that gaze someone can take a bit and at the same time be a part of you. Like he can construct a parallel reality where you are getting a new meaning, new roles, new features, and being marked by them, as if you really are that for a moment. Sometimes I feel embarrassed and uncanny to be observed, fifty-inch monitor was still.

Ms. black bag who was still standing in front of monitor didn't notice how she had started to unconciously fix her hairstyle.
A few moments later she twitched and went out.

Searching for a definition of reality in a never static urban environment, the project 'Signifier?' examines the need for making comments, setting up our own truth and reality as the most important and relevant one, and in contrary the inability of advocating the same.

The project also raises the question: 'Is our own truth, only our own truth and reality viewed from one perspective, only our truth seen from our own, different perspective or a lie? ' and what is our attitude towards 'the other truths', especially when they interfering with us personally?

Additionally, Martina points out a very interesting regional context of Split/ Croatia as an area witha highly developed need for expressing and interchanging personal opinions within public and urban spaces, that in Split case originate from an ancient Roman forum that has for centuries been used as a place of communication, expression, sharing and questioning different opinions and realities.

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