Project: inter(active)

Gallery SC, Zagreb, Cro, 2006
Video, publication

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Mentorship: Zlatko Kopljar (multimedia artist)

This work was imagined as kind of inreverse diary compiled of personal thoughts, questions, memories and group members e-mail correspondence. After two months of working and discussing together, the group produced a collaborative work.

Final product was split into two parts, into book and video.

In our work we decided to deal up with problems we faced working in a group like individuals supposed to collaborate and produce one work.

In this work we were exploring group work, disfunction and autism, problem of identification and confrontation with the own failure and dealing with the unsheduled problems.

All that amplified by queasy atmosphere spreaded among group members in front of existing problem.

problems that we were facing :

  • correspondence problems
  • determining main problem and general question

terms and issues we were dealing with:

  • dislocation
  • ideas
  • pause
  • autism and disfunction

why did we get involved in the workshop:

  • curiosity and will for a group work
  • to explore possibility of consolidating and tuning many different character and individuals
  • to dislocate us from present state of mind and why of thinking
  • constructive pause

Our expectations

  • we even didn't thing of final result
  • even there was no question of eventual failure in creative, qualitative or quantitative way
  • final result gave us answers in a form of unexpected questions

We are planing trip to Sisak (town in Croatia)

  • Sisak become a symbol of our pursuit for an idea
  • We stucked at the railway station, like at kind of interspace, actually at the place with presumption for motion but without motion
  • Sisak was objectification of our disability
  • We were dislocated into space of mental anemia

what after it:

  • we are writing down all kinds of reviews and trying to clear up messes in our heads
  • but no idea is coming out
  • we don't have control over situation, situation is leading us
  • we are rechecking our situation and trying to find out what we should realise at the end
  • our final decision is to accept and depict our disability
  • we are trying to find medium to present our confusion
  • at the end we are editing video and producing a book

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