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Everything You Need to Know About Me From A to Z
Gallery O3ONE, Beograd, Sr

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Martina Miholić’s work “Everything You Need to Know about Me from A to Z” is a conceptual and organic sequel to the author’s previous oeuvre “Tagbox” and “Photoshooting” dating from 2008, in which Martina takes her self as the main subject of her observations. Searching for her own defi nition in the never static environment, in her new work “Everything you Need to Know About Me from A to Z” the author starts from reverse position. Collected associations concerning herself--that is, the terms and words she was described with in her previous opus--she feeds into an internet searcher and encounters strings of unexpected combinations and contradicting associations relating to a searched for term.

With such process, she measures the power of symbols, pictures, the term of association, determination according to learned patterns and questions a kaleidoscope of positions, perspectives, and values that we are being determined by. Martina doesn’t try to give an instant answer to the question “How to be closer to someone?”, but evokes and provokes a question concerning complexity of interrelations, perceptions, and string of factors infl uencing interpersonal relationships.

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