Cheetah training

Art Lab # 1 Bern Lovefield
gepard 14, Bern, 2013
video installation / performance

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Video Stills

Cheetah-Training video-stills 01 Cheetah-Training video-stills 02 Cheetah-Training video-stills 03 Cheetah-Training video-stills 04
Cheetah diary

'Cheetah Training' is a project realized by one of the invited artists, Martina Miholic, as part of the 'Art Lab # 1 Bern Lovefield' project in the Off Space of gepard 14. The name 'gepard14' reminded her of her history in sports, when she was training to run 400, 600 and 800 metre events. And in this connection, the cheetah (gepard) was her favourite animal. On her last visit to her hometown, she found her sport diary from 1995 in which she had recorded her training activity each day.
As part of the 'Cheetah Training' project, Martina has been performing exactly the same training and exercises as she did on the very same dates in that year.

Throughout this process she has been meeting her past self, analyzing the objectives she had, the decisions she was making, and both her own expectations and those of other people. She has been comparing her present lifestyle to that in the past. She has been analyzing the transgression from who she was then to who she is now.

As the second part of the project, Martina would like to invite the people of Bern to get engaged in a similar process and share their experiences. Participants are invited to pick an activity or job that used to be important to them but which they quit for some reason, revisit this again by spending some time during one week (from a few minutes to as much they can) carrying out that activity once again, and observe and document the changes they discover in themselves. If participants are not able to go through the repetition process, they are still invited to analyze, document and share the changes in their lives.

On this link you will find a suggestion of how to record and organize your experiences and memories. All of the fields are optional..

You can send your data to the following e-mail: and they will be presented at the Private View on June 28 either anonymously or not – just as you request. The deadline for sending your documents is June 21, 2013

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