Blank Shot?

Gallery PM
Zagreb, Cro, 2016
Interactive installation
With: Mia Orsag

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Based on ''The artist is an animal that should be shot'' quote, two Croatian artists also curators (not formally curators, but galleries coordinators at Croatian association of fine artists, often refered as curators) are proposing an performance entitled ''Blank shot".
For this occasion, the gallery space would be filled with helium  balloons. On each balloon there will be a name of one (living) artists. Visitors could enter  the gallery space, and  shoot (airsoft shotgun) her/his artists of choice.
With this process, we examined the relations between curators and artists as well as their positions (positions of power and powerlessness).
Even though we are aware of possible problems with conflicts of interest and the fact that we are at the same time artist and curators, we consciously launch a provocation that amplifies the meaning of the concept. Two women shooting and calling to ''shot an artist, from the curatorial aspect but also as artist.
The entire exhibition would recall  the amusement park ambiance. Leaning on the cultural spectacle theory, at the same time project will raise questions about the function of art space and the space of art and  the role of art in culture of entertainment and the role of cultural entertainment in the art.

The project aims to question the relations between curator and artist and examine the purpose of art within the specific time framework. We question relations between art and life/being, as well as if self sustainability is going along or is it in conflict with artistic creativity.


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