Project 6 – (auto)portraits: the hour we knew nothing of each other

Gallery Duplex, Sarajevo, BiH, 2010

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6 individuals and 30 portraits are representing the unit that notes the structure of relations within this specific artistic group.

Maja -> Zdravko, Tea, Martina, Karla, Igor
Zdravko -> Tea, Martina, Karla, Igor, Maja
Tea -> Martina, Karla, Igor, Maja, Zdravko
Martina -> Karla, Igor, Maja, Zdravko, Tea
Karla -> Igor, Maja, Zdravko, Tea, Martina
Igor -> Maja, Zdravko, Tea, Martina, Karla

If the world we perceive is nothing but the projection of what our brains allow us to see, by leaving a space to each author to write his own reality we shall be presented to the spectra of different points of view, the reconstruction of the more realistic image of the world.

Considering the selectivity of an observer and the fact that the portrait often tells more about its author than about the portrayed, this “game” we have started will open new possibilities of expression and critic. The same person, portrayed by another author, is not that “same person” anymore and these detachments are creating the profile of our collective relationship.

We are not interested in imitation of the reality without the need to inquire that same reality. Therefore, we decided to study the problem of perception and subjectivity in the artistic portrait; in this case the portrait is not the goal but the mean.

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