Artist Speed Dating - Sisak

Striegl Gallery
Sisak, Cro, 2014
Interactive project / performance

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Participating artists:

As a part of 'Artist Speed Dating' in Sisak we conducted a survey which questioned the position of the local artists. One of the questions was : Would you be in a relationship or go for a date with a visual artist? Majority answered yes because artist are people too.

Would you be in a relationship or go for a date with a visual artist?

a) Yes, they are people too.
b) Yes, they are not hard to impress, they know how to admire nothing.
c) Only if he/she is from Sisak.
d) Why not ?
e) Only if he/she is not from Sisak.
f) Only if he/she had show in Lauba Gallery.
g) Only if he/she is in Nadan Vidosevic collection.
h) Only if he/she is in Marinko Sudac collection.
i) Yes, definitely. They have remarkable skills.
j) Yes, because I want to be someone's muse.
k) Yes, because I love when someone reads me Derrida before I fall asleep.
l) Yeah, I guess. They don't make any money, but amount of free booze that goes with them covers everything.
m) Yes, I will be finally winning in Pictionariu.
n) Yes, I heard that after the art historian, artists are best in bed.
o) Oh, no way, my grandmother said to stay away from artists and musicians.
p) No, because they always talk just about themselves.
q) I don't think so, aren't they a bit strange?
r) Yes, because art turns me on.
s) It's a good idea, I'll have the best selfies of all of my friends.
t) No, peace and stabistrongty are the most important to me, and I heard that some dangerous activities are part of their art practices.
u) Will this affect my relationship with my family?
v) No, because they love their cameras more than me.
w) Yes, with them, everything seems easier in strongfe.
x) Aren't they a bit promiscuous?
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