Artefiction - Archeollogi of the future

Amersfoort, NL, 2007
web, public installation, action

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Artefiction - 'Archeollogi of the future'

Eight different artists from different countries undertook a journey of which science tells us it cannot exist.

After all, time travel doesn't exist, let alone time travel that ignores the Laws of Time.

Determination of eight was the future's view of our present. Our present, which thus becomes the past contemporary past, concentrating on the future of it's own past. Impossibilities all, according to science, but science cannot monopolies the truth. Art only submits to its own Laws.

About the past we can say nothing with the complete certainty, because our knowledge will always fall short. Bout the future we we can, because it isn't here yet, so the level of the truth of our pronunciations cannot be verified after all. Truths are constantly changing, and truth of the artists no exception.

The artists in project gave eight quite different answers to the question how the future will view the past or our present. The real archaeologist and historians or tomorrow will doubtlessly do the same. Is the 'true' answer among them? I have no idea, but the question is irrelevant, actually. What is true in any case is that 'Archeollogi of the future' has become fascinating artistic event, because it gives eight interesting views of our present.

Roel Mulder

August, 2007

Subject meaning

Until now Archaeology has been a science that lays it's foundations on material evidence. In the digital era it will no longer be possible to interpret the information, content and purpose of certain objects just by viewing them as they are. The content is not permanent as the objects used are just the media that capture, record and dispatch some deeper meaning and information.

I am interested in the fact that presently a lot of relations and connections between people take place through digital and virtual media. The fact that people use digital media to communicate and express strong statements and emotions, has made me think about the nature of the object that carries them.

For this project I have chosen to explore the history, development and significance of windows and the meaning of the word. With windows I refer to two things. Windows as physical objects used in buildings, forming the link between exterior and interior, public and private and 'Windows' as in the software program for operating systems, which can be seen as a link to a virtual reality. In both cases the term window presents a borderline between realities and a place of communication between these realities. This connection has resulted in the use of both types of windows in my project.

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